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    how to configure d-link DWL-G520+ card? + wireless pkt cap

    Hello all,

    This is my first post and i am new to linux. I have got a D-Link DWL-G520+ wireless card and i do not know how to configure it in linux. I have tried using ndiswrapper but it gives an error later on which i cant figure out, it says 'ndis driver installed' but not 'harware installed' , which according to the installation procedure, it should. It had been written in the prerequisites of ndiswrapper that linux kernel 2.4.26 is required, whereas mine is 2.4.18 , is that why it is giving error? And if that is the case then how can i update the kernel?

    Secondly, if my card gets configured hopefully, i want to create an application to capture the wireless packets and get the header fields from them for analysis. I especially want to capture the beacon frame as it is vital for my project.

    I have tried capturing in windows but cannot get the beacon frame, and also i have not found any specific options regarding 802.11 packet header fields extraction in any languages. I used JPcap too, but the kfuji one, not the sourceforge one. The sourceforge one does not seem to work with my windows 2000. Anyways, JPcap is also for ethernet packets and not specifically for 802.11 protocol. Also, i read in many articles that windows (WinPcap) does not support 802.11 management and control frame capture.

    So, could someone tell me how to capture the packets? Which language supports that etc. Can it be done using perl? But first and foremost i need to get my card configured otherwise its no use! Please help, any help would be appreciated!


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    first of all, you will not be able to snoop / capture packets in a good way when you use NdisWrapper. You do need a native linux driver for that purpose.
    I'm not 100% sure, but I do believe that this adapter is built upon the TI-chipset, you would know for sure if you issue command "lspci".
    And I have heard that ACX100 driver would work with this adapter, however, I have also heard that there might be some issues with WEP encryption with that hw / driver combination as well. But then, worth a try at least

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    I have managed to install the card using the acx100 driver. But I need to know that can my DWL-G520+ work in monitor mode? I need to capture all the frames, management and control and data. I had been capturing data frames in windows, but windows does not support monitor mode, so I shifted to Linux. The card is now installed and working fine but i need to know if it can work in monitor mode. I need to capture the beacon frame, any ideas?

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    So what did you do to get this card working as I have the same card but be buggered if I get any joy installing in Kubuntu (i386).

    It's currently working (I'm using it right now) in Win XP.. Yeah it would do wouldn't it !!

    (Dual boot)

    But at least it proves there's sod all wrong with the card or connection.

    I've googled till I'm blue in the face.... I guess I'll be a fully qualified wireless network engineer by the time I fix this thing !!

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    Ok ...

    Sussed the fkkr. After Two solid days trawling through google I found the following link ....

    That was exactly what happened to our install (Kubuntu Dapper Drake 6.06)

    Followed their destructions and wireless manager instantly found the network.

    No fafffing with any settings either... Actually.... Easier than messing about installing windows drivers.

    If only it had.... "just worked" !!

    Posted this here in case anyone else has been scouring the net looking for answers.

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