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    Connecting my Linux box to the Internet

    I have just installed Red Hat Linux on one of my old computers so I can see how to use it and what features it has got! However I am having some trouble connecting this to the Internet.

    I currently have an NTL set top box which is connected to a router and we have 3 laptops running of this router (all wireless connections and running Windows XP)

    I have connected my Linux box to this router through the Ethernet port. Ive tried to set up the Internet on my Linux box, I used the wizard, choosing an Ethernet connection and then the appropriate hardware but when I try to activate my connection it cannot determine an IP address.

    I have tried to set the IP manually using ifconfig which does activate it but I cannot seem to get on any websites.

    i have tried pinging the other laptops on the network but I get no response, could it be some sort of hardware compatibility?!



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    Make sure all your computers and the router are on the same ip address, i.e. all have something like 10.0.0.X and they should see each other. The first stage i would go for is getting them to ping each other, then you know there is at least something going between them, then go for file sharing and internet

    I cant speak for anything else, but if you're using KDE it should be pretty simple to set them speaking to one another. In the network settings of your eth0 device, set the ip address to optain from dhcp (if you have dhcp, otherwise set it manually) and set the default gateway and dns server as the ip address of your router.

    That SHOULD get them to be able to ping one another. When i did the same thing, i just opened firefox up and was amazed to see it loading up my default homepage.

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    I have tried setting it to dhcp and when I click activate I get an error saying it cannot determine an IP address. I have tried entering the IP manually and it activates fine put I cannot ping any other machines or connect to the net!

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