Hello All,

i have just completed a NIS server and the problem i am having is, if i create two users(with same names but different passwords), one on NIS server and other one local on NIS client then only local user is allowed to login. When i try to login as NIS server user, i get invalid login. I have tried making entry in /etc/nsswitch.conf "passwd files nis". I am giving the complete scenerio of what i did:

1. created local user on NIS server with home directory /a/user.
2. created local user on NIS client with default home directory /home/user.
3. i mounted /a on NIS server on /a on NIS client using the autofs after exporting it on NIS server as /a *(rw) in /etc/exports.

My auto.master entry is as follow:

/a /etc/auto.home --timeout 60

and my auto.home entry is:

* -rw,soft,intr is my NIS server address and NIS client is having

But i am facing a problem as mentioned above..

Any help will be appreciated...

PS: i can use ypcat passwd and it shows the correct results and i am mapping passwd hosts and group and MERGE_PASSWD and MERGE_GROUP are set to true...Also, i have used iptables -F