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    sshd logfile specification


    where can i specify the sshd logfile ? sshd.conf lets me configure the debug level, but not the file. Manpages give no hint. What is the standard logfile for sshd ?


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    SSHd Logs


    You can specify the log file for sshd in /etc/ssh/sshd_config...!!!


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    the manpages for ssh_conf don't give the command for specifying the logfile, only the debug level (?)

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    Please look for the sshd_config file not the ssh_conf file....!!!!! These are two different files....


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    my /etc/ssh/sshd_config says this :

    # Logging
    #obsoletes QuietMode and FascistLogging
    #SyslogFacility AUTH
    #LogLevel INFO

    where can i specify the logfile ?

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    I have never done this but still u can refer to the following link and check by urself.... I will take sumtime in order to implemnet the following... If u can wait for a day or two I can get back to you with a solution otherwise u can try on your own and if u get the thing going do let me know for the sake of my knowledge...


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    SyslogFacility somehow refers to syslog, and apparently the destination of these AUTH messages is specified in /etc/syslog/syslog.conf, but i didnt find an exact description of it.

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