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    accessing the internet through another machine

    hey, im new to linux and currently using ubuntu. My first machine has a wireless connection to the internet and works fine, and im trying to network my second machine to it through ethernet and get web access on that too. I am unfamilar with linux networking as have been a windows user up to recently is there an easy way to set this up so i can browse the files on the other computer? do i need to set up a proxy server on the first machine? if so which one?

    can anyone give me some basic instructions, or point me in the right direction?


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    Basicly this is kind of implementation dependent. But yes you are right, you will need some kind of FW or Proxy to handle this. If you 1:st computer is a Windows box (2000 or XP), you should be quite fine by setting up (I beleive its called so at least) a Internet Sharing and state that your WLAN adapter is conected to the Internet, while you Ethernet adapter is an internal adapater. Then, yes, you have to setup an internal network e.g. 192.168.x.x/24 and assign both your Linux and 1:st computer to this network with each one a unique IP address, then from your Linux, you should configure your default router to your 1:st computer's internal IP.
    1:st computer
    WLAN: Public IP
    Add command "route add -net default gw"
    Or simply add default route in your network configuration tool :)
    If your 1:st computer is a Linux box as well, then there are several threads and a very good HOW-TO in this forum which will explain how you should set up a simple NAT:ed Firewall.

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