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    Printing over LAN to a windows printer

    I've got SuSE 9.2 on this box, and the rest of my lan is Win 98 or XP. Linux sees these fine.

    I'd like to use a printer that's plugged into one of the XP machines from this one. How do i install it/make linux find it? I can't find anywhere to let me install a printer, or find a network device....

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    same here. only im running 9.3. help please

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    If you have the option, it would probably be easier to transfer the Printer to the Linux machine. Once it's configured with Cups, have the Windows machine print by contacting the printer attached to the Linux machine rather than the other way around.
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    the only problem is that i have the epson c84 running off a wireless print server (belkin). i dont know how i would get windows to connect to that from linux.

    is there any way for me to access the wireless print server through linux?

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    if you are using a print server, try this:
    Yast -> Hardware -> Printer
    click change then do the following:
    Add, select Print directly to a Network printer
    first read printserver user manual to see if LPD or IPP is supported, but in most cases just select "Direct TCP port printing"
    on next page enter the hostname of the printserver (found in user manual) and the port number which is used to connect (again in user manual)

    next few pages are about how yast sees the printer and its model...

    Hope this helps.
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