1. Printer is installed in XP which is shared. I want my LINUX pcs to use that printer.

Through network of LINUX, I am able to view the the XP pcs but its not showing the printer.

How to add the printer installed in XP machine in my LINUX pcs ?

2. In my network, the machine which is connected to net is XP machine. This connection is through router. The other pcs in the network are connected to switch & this switch in turn is connected to router. IP is automatically being taken from DHCP. The server has o have a static IP because a web server runs on it. Now, on Linux pcs, I changed the network configuration by making it take ip from DHCP. But its not connecting to internet. I have tried DHCP. I do not want to go for IC sharing because my server already has a ip which cannot be changed.

How to get the internet connection on LINUX pcs ?

Please help.