Dear All

Hope anyone could help !!!
I m having a Citrix server behind my LINUX firewall + proxy. I have open & forwarded the ports 1494, 1604, 80 to my citrix server so that my external user can access citrix using NFuse, a web base citrix appls client. It allows me to login into the system , but when i m trying to access the application published it say that no citrix server found .

Secondly i m having other citrix server behind IAS firewall + proxy, there it works fine, when a user is directly connected to internt , but when i m trying to access the same from windows client behind LINUX firewall + proxy , after login to system when i try to access the published appls , it say that the proxy server configured cannot establish the connection

First Case

citrx -----Linux firewall ========windowsclient

case 2

windowsclient ---- linuxfirewall+proxy ====ISA firwewall---citrix

could any one tell which port are to opened which caN enable me to run appls smoothly

Thanks & Regards
Piyush Jani