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    mounting directory on remote win server

    I work on a local office, where our local network has a local win server, and we are connected to the companies central network and win server via a VPN tunnel, running on a 500kbps ADSL line.

    In windows I can use files on both the local and the central server, and it all looks the same, except central server is slower.
    In linux I can mount directories on the local server with no problems (smbmount //<server name>/<dir name> <mounting point> -o rw,fmask=777,dmask=777). For the central server I cannot! I get error message "10606: Connection to <server> failed
    SMB connection failed"

    My distro is FC3, in case it matters

    Anyone know the difference?


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    Is your central running Windows? If so, is it running SMB File sharing?

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    Talking to the net administrator, it seems to be SMB (he was not sure, but had the impressions SMB was the default).

    One difference between the two servers is that the local has a domain server, the central one doesn't (there the domain server is at some other PC in the network).

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    Our nice network administrator has now set up a PC with the Ubuntu linux distro, at the central net, and he can access both servers without any problems, just using the graphical tools of gnome 2.10 (my FC3 has gnome 2.. We will try to take that PC here, and test if it works that good from our net also.

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    Next developments on this:
    The Ubunto-linux machine was not able to connect when it came to our net.

    Now the net adm. has revised the configuration, found some errors, and today I can connect!!

    If anyone is interested, I will invetigate more what was the problem.

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