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    i think the problem lies with nvidia's closed source drivers and licensing scheme... and since red hat seems to want to maintain its integrity (or somethin'.. who knows?), they are not including these closed source drivers.. the only way this problem is going to be truly fixed is if nvidia releases the specs on their cards and opens the source for the drivers... at least that seems to be what i'm getting out of all of the nvidia related posts/articles/readmes/howtos i've read...
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    Quote Originally Posted by rounder
    Is it impossible to configure RH9 to connect to the internet? Sure seems like it by the troubles I have had and what I have read of other's problems.

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    RH9 with A7N8X Deluxe (nForce2)

    hey i dual booted win xp and RH9 on an ASUS A7N8X Deluxe (333Mhz FSB not the 400Mhz one.. the 400 Mhz came out like 3 weeks after I bought the 333 ) for a while before i just put rh on a completly diff machine .... i had no problems hooking up my rh installation to my home network (with cable inet) via my router .... it was a while ago back in early july so i don't recall every detail ... but like the guys above me said look for updated drivers ... if onboard NIC then goto the motherboard manufacturer's page ... try searching google for a linux driver for your nic ... let me know how it goes ...

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