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Thread: Ethernet card

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    Ethernet card


    I have just installed slackware on an old computer, it has a cn930e ethernet card. From my searches on google and forums i have found nothing that realy helps me step by step (im a complete 100% pure linux noob ) The only thing that i did find was something about "ne2k-pci" driver or something, but im not sure if that was relating to this card or another one

    NOTE: i have no idea where to begin or what to do...
    Would it just be easier to buy a newer card that slackware wil recognize or something??

    Thanks heaps for any help

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    well you were right to look for a driver. unfortunately from my quick google i could only c mac and pc drivers. there might be some emulated drivers. also, maybe your distro already has a driver. (might). what runtime enviroment are you using (gnome,kde ect). from there i can help you

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    thanks for the reply.. i am not using any enviroment im am doing everything from the command line, maby not such a good idea for someone new to Linux i know, but i couldnt get my old graphics card setup ighter lol and as i eventually want to do everythin from the command line on this system anyway i decided to drop right into the deep end

    Im am currently following along the instructions here: But i am realy have not much clue.. i have found that its not loading th ne2k-pci driver and the only compiled ethernet drivers that have come with the system is 8390.o.gz


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    ok, ive decided to go and buy a PCI card, can anyone recomend one that is real standered but good as well..


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    According to info I found using google the card should work with a ne2k-pci driver. You are saying it could not find that driver, so every other driver will fail as well.
    Normally on modern slack versions if you have a pci card it is detected by the netconf(ig) script and configured. Could be that something went wrong installing the modules but you still are able to reinstall them afterwards.

    Most 3com and intel network cards are well supported. Realtek 8139 chipset is a cheap alternative bot most ethernet cards are supported in Linux.

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    Thanks puntmuts ill have a further look around and see if i can get this card to work, if not ill puchase another

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