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    IP tables initialisation

    I have SuSe Pro 9.3 and although SuSEfiewall2 looks impressive, i feel that it doesnot give the flexibility to create rules and chains that I require.

    what I want help with is what I need to do to create my own script to configure the rules on startup.

    I understand I would need to put the rules into a file, but am not having much help finding where I should place the file, what to name it, and how to get the kernel to run the file on start up to different runlevels.

    Can anyone help or point me in the right direction? I have looked at the tutorials and HOW-TO's on, but most tutorials go into great detail about how to add ammend rules, but no help with actual initialisation at boot time.

    Many thanks


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    This Q is quite a bit distro dependent.
    If you're on MDK,RH,SuSE and RH build distros all you have to do is to create your shell script file in /etc/init.d/ directory, and name it to whatever you wish to. After this depending on your run-level, you should create a symlink to your newly created shell script from within your run-level directory, that is for run-level 5 /etc/rc.d/rc5.d/, the symlinked file shall have the naming as S99myIpTables where the char "S" states that this script should be started during system startup, the number "99" is the start-order in your run-level dependent directory, the lower the value you have the earlier will it start. However, you need to start your IPTables script file after you have initialized your network and your network services as well.

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