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    TX ok but no RX packets at all!

    I have two identical Debian Sarge boxes... I can say identical because I used dd to copy the HDD from the first one I set up and placed it in the other. I have changed the hostname, and IP address in the second machine and both seem to work ok except the second machine will not recieve any packets whatsoever!

    ifconfig looks identical between the two machines, except the IP and MAC of coure

    route -n looks the same

    iptables -L shows all policies ACCEPT

    so they both look like they should work... however if I ping from #2 (the clone) to #1 the packets get recieved and responded to (as shown in tcpdump) but #2 still shows RX packets:0 errors:0 dropped:0... 0 ...0 ..0

    I just don't get it! The cable is good, the port is good, hell the NIC in #2 was good in XP a couple of days ago. Any help would be appreciated!


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    Are the two machines identical? If there are ANY hardware differences, you'll most likely need to install a fresh copy on the second machine. Remember, during the installation process, your configuration is based on what's in the machine at the time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by retired1af
    Are the two machines identical?
    Yes, identical... both older dell precision 210 workstations manufactured on the same day.

    Just a quick update, though once I managed to have the clone get an IP via DHCP, I no longer can... so the problem is below the IP level... if that's any help.

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    Update... switched cables, and now I am getting an address via dhcp most of the time. But instead of no response I just get a bunch of errors.... I am so confused!

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