I currently run the latest version of slackware linux and I'm trying to install an Orinoco Classic Gold PC Card (8410-WD/A). I've downloaded the driver(the latest version avaliable), and installed it correctly I believe. I downloaded the driver into my /etc/pcmcia directory and did a make/make install. That seemed to go fine. I configured all the files in etc/pcmcia and all the files in /etc/rc.d pertaining to the card. I believe the next step would be iwconfig, but when I run it, I get returned "no wireless extensions". I read several installation howtos and various other docs, but could find no other information with the exception of an explanation on how to configure your kernal for pcmcia, however I'm pretty sure my kernal already supports it due to the the fact that it probs the pcmcia slot on boot, and finds nothing but runs cardmanger. I apologize if there is some really simple answer I've missed, but an help would be appreciated.