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    Wireless USB - Hawking HWU54G

    Hi, I googled for a solution to this but couldn't find anything. I was just wondering if anyone knows a way to install this particular device? I thinks it's fairly new so it may not be supported anywhere. Thanks in advance for any help. I'm useing Suse 9.2.
    I already tried using the ndiswrapper, but i get a hardware not present on the list. I'm fairly new to linux, so I'm not sure if I can make it recognize the device where it is.


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    I JUST got one of these from an MS seminar (perhaps you too?) And was anxious to try it out on my Debian and Mandrake lappys. Hmm looks like it may not work huh? If I get it going I will post.

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    Thanks. I didn't get mine at a seminar, but after rebates it's only 10 dollars. Not bad. I have a dual boot system, and it works great in XP.


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    hope this helps...

    i found information from this website

    it says that the chipset is a "Zydas ZD1211" and you can find drivers here:

    i'm trying to get linux running on a laptop and hopefully it won't be too hard.

    hope it helps.

    [edit] i'm not too sure if this enables the WPA on the card though.. it seems the windows software bundled with it handles all that. would be great if someone could tell me how to do that in linux.

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    Ok, whenever I do it, it always comes up with errors and such. I extract the files, open the terminal in the dir, and type "make" or "make install" and it ALWAYS gives me random errors that I don't know how to fix or even what they are.

    Please, if someone could help me out, I have a HWU54G USB-Wireless Adapter.

    Right now I am running Xandros 3.0.2 Business Edition.


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    use the driver from the page i referenced

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    If you can post the errors, perhaps we can find out what is going wrong and how it could be fixed.
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    FYI I just purchased the Hawking adapter today. I am running Fedora Core 1.0, and have never rebuilt a kernel before (which it appears I will have to do in order to enable CONFIG_NET_WIRELESS). This will be a challenge, I imagine, since the machine is not yet on the net and so all sources will have to be downloaded and burned to CD then transfered to the Linux box. Perhaps this will teach me discipline.

    I had thought to use a working machine to route the Linux box to the Internet, if only temporarily. Theoretically, this should work. However the configuration was too complex for my poor brain (the Linux box was plugged into a D-Link router via Ethernet which was in turn connected to my Windows laptop via Ethernet which was in turn connceted to a Linksys router via WiFi which was in turn connected to the internet. I scuttled the experiment early when I simply could not get packets over the D-Link. Although now that I think about it they may have been dropped - should have used Ethereal...)

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