distro - fedora core -2 .
I applied for a broadband internet connection from my ISP for 1 mbps. They supplied me with a HUAWEI ADSL modem (model - MT880). If i login into the modem using, i get the browser based administration of the modem. There is a setting called WAN setting..... in which there are 3 wan types:
1. RFC 2684 bridged
2. RFC 2684 routed
3. PPP
Connection type is PPPoE.
The modem has inbuilt DHCP server which distributes ip addresses to the internal LAN. The modem also gets the IP address from the ISP dynamically.
i have also specified the name server (dns of the isp) in the modem settings. so, there's no concept of linux server. so, my linux machine which was earlier a server in old isp connection is now just a stand alone PC.
now, i would like to assign a public IP to my linux pC and run dns, nat in it. The ADSL modem should not do anything. It should act like a modem only.
why i want this ....bcoz of some reasons such as ....
1. If the modem is doing everything, then what is the need of the system administrator ???
2. suppose, i want to host a website. then i need a public ip . then what to do ???
so, pliz guide me ......if i am n't wrong...some hint for u may b ....WAN type should b changed in the modem to RFC 2684 bridged or routed.