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    DHCPCD not working

    I installed Gentoo on my computer today after using Fedora since december. While I used Fedora, I reinstalled it a lot, and I know for a fact that my network has DHCP. When I was running off of the livecd, I could connect to the internet. I am pretty sure that I did everything to make Linux connect to the internet, I checked that it supported it when I compiled my kernel, I set eth0 to dhcp in /etc/conf.d/net, and I installed dhcpcd on to my system. But when I open up lynx, it cannot connect to the internet. what could be the problem?

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    Did you compile the network driver as a module or built in? Did you remember to add dhcpcd_eth0="-HDN" in /etc/conf.d/net? Did you remember to copy over the /etc/resolv.conf from the livecd? Do you get any errors at bootup? Can you ping external servers?

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    I think I compiled the driver as built in, no I did not add dhcpcd_rth0="-HDN", yes I did copy it, no I don't get any errors, and no I can't ping external servers.

    One thing that I forgot is that my computer has two ethernet ports. one is my motherboard's but doesn't work properly, and the other is PCI. might it be recognizing my motherboard's ethernet port first?

    edit: I have put in the dhcpcd_eth0="-HDN" line, but it has not worked.

    edit: I did not select my network card, actually. I only selected the menu. but, I can't seem to figure out which to install. my card is a D-Link DE-528CT combo Ethernet PCI Adapter. the DE-XXX models in the configuration program are DEC, not D-Link.

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    Ok Restart
    Enter BIOS
    Disable built in Lan If your PCI is Firewalled that is good....d..

    What do I do here input a DHCP script in SSocks???

    What script do I use?

    Im new to Linux Ok...... but do I just have to Plug in dhcpcd_eth0="-HDN" into the connect.cs
    on Root/usr/etc/ssocket/
    Or do I use the netconf and just put in the Values.......
    I get it saying there is no Adaptor when I know there is a Builtin Real Tech adaptor on my x86 Box
    that is if I go
    ifconfig eth0
    I get. "eth0: Error fetching interphase info: device not found

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    err... instead of using my thread, could you please make your own?

    you're more likely to get help that way anyway.

    I understand that you were attempting to help me, but the actual hardware is not the problem, and you yourself are not sure how to help me anyway.

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    i also have a d-link, using 'rhine II' drivers got it working for me, they're available through the kernel compiling process so you might want to include those as a module

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    thank you for helping me, maybe now I can get something with more flexibility than FC3 withTWM.

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