Ok question to you all

Im trying to setup mandrake x86 version for Cable Internet.....

How dose one do that?

What do you set.

do you have to set it up in root or what?

Tryed Setting the Adaptor 1 AKA eth0 To what I thought was my IP and nothing..... am I setting up netconf Improperly? What info do I put in and can I find the IP with the linux 7.1 MD tools? linux tells me I dont even have an adaptor 1(eth0) installed.... Which is BS it has the ethernet adaptor on the MB and it is showing up in the Hardware Config Utility so I know its there......
I am Realy new here.
My Key has been dissalowed by Microsoft Win XP Home because THEY SAY I HAVE INSTALLED IT TOO MENY TIMES (Too late Diagnosed CDRW problems.... Don't go there ) So much for paying $175.99 CND for my Software huh? Might as well have got it for free
So I blanked my HD and installed Linux Mandrake 7.1 Delux X86 Version. ( I got it at Future Shop for $35.89 CND)

Also I am interested in how I can access my NTSF partitioned Storage Drive with all my Movies and Audio MP3 stuff on it.....

I can get a Linux version of LimeWire and I will Upload with pleasure if I am Helped......