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    Distributed computing

    I am a Linux newbie. My computer spends most of the day idle, so I would like to give processor for distributed computing projects related to medical/pharmaceutical research. Where can I find useful sites and/or Debian packages to connect to distributed computing research networks?

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    The Drug Design and Optimization Lab (D2OL)™

    The (D2OL)™ software is downloaded to your personal computer and given drug candidates to evaluate. Once your computer receives tasks to execute, it begins a candidate evaluation process similar to finding the right key to fit into a lock. Distributed computing technology enables the process of sending hundreds of thousands of possible keys to all computing devices participating in the network. This site manages the results generated and returned to the network once you connect again to the internet. As a user, no intervention is required and the software executes as long as it is turned on, even when disconnected from the Internet.

    By applying our tested platform which uniquely takes advantage of all available computing devices within its community including personal computers, servers and eventually devices like TiVo(tm) and the Xbox™, we are applying massive, cost-effective computing power to combat major health concerns and potential future threats.

    Using this computing power, our proprietary methodology to identify targets (focusing on epidemiology, drugability and the target's role in the pathogen's lifecycle) and collaborating with experts in computational chemistry and structure based drug design, the (D2OL)™ initiative is working to improve our society's ability to respond to the ever increasing threats in a timely manner.
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