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    Possible reverse DNS issue

    I have a Redhat FC3 server running squid. Connecting to it are a number of internal users, most of which have dynamic IP's assigned by DHCP from a seperate Redhat box.
    The problem occurs when they make their first connection to Squid. It seems to take about 30 seconds before the page will occur. After this, it works flawlessly. IMAP with Dovecot seems to exhibit a similar problem, but is more tolerable - it could be related however... For Squid I have set log_fqdn off, so it should not even be trying to do reverse DNS.

    Furthermore, when this delay occurs I notice several ICMP packets failing to the client computer - Destination unreachable(Host administratively prohibited).

    Is this somehow related to reverse lookups? If so, I don't have a problem turning it off completely...

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    Re: Possible reverse DNS issue


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