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    Domain registration / DNS query

    I am setting up a home network and would like it to have a real domain eg

    I want my linux machine to act as a router for my network and also mail/web server.

    What I want more information about is the domain registration/DNS part.

    I understand that I will have to set my pc up as a name server, and I also understand that I must have a static IP address.

    My questions are as follows:

    1) How do I go about registering a domain name. Should I do this direct with a domain registrar such as or via a 3rd party?

    2) If I register direct with they want IP numbers of 2 Name Servers, what happenes if I only have one?

    3) If I register with a 3rd party, does anyone know of any domain registering companies that will change the NS records for the domain?

    4) Is there another way to do it? I want complete control over '' can it be done via my ISP somehow?

    Ideally I want my SuSe Linux 9.3 machine to be the Master/Authoritive DNS server for '' but don't really know where to start with that. I understand the Linux side such as setting-up and installing BIND.

    Any help is appreciated.


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    1) I recommend for Another good registrar is, but they don't support The thing about choosing registrars is you want one with a good domain manager. They need to support changing your name servers, creating name servers, changing contact information, and other niceties like locking your domain.

    2) In the case of godaddy and mydomain, they won't mind if you assign ns1 and ns2 the same IP address. I do not know about

    3) Well, all registrars should support changing your name servers. This involves changing NS records on the TLD dns servers, but not the name servers themselves.

    4) Well, you have to register your domain with somebody, and that somebody probably can't be your ISP. You can have total control over your DNS easily enough, and you don't need to run your own dns server to do it for free. is the only free dns hosting service I've seen that gives you the same kind of control over your DNS that hosting your own dns server gives you. After all, I designed it that way. The registrars and also offer optional free dns hosting with registered domains, but they have typical dns managers.

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    little recomendation,

    you can get free dns hosting too on the net, so you can have one name server lcoal on your network at home as you are talking about and then have one out on the web somewhere, is great for this

    so when you get your domain you would give them your dns server ip and whatever zoneedit gives you ( for example)

    this way if you have to work on your DNS server or it crashes at least your domain won't go down so folks can still acess your site (unless dns is on same machine as webserver )

    hope this helps


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