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    mandrake 10.1 modem how to!!

    Hi! I installed mandrake 10.1 on my machine and want to set up modem internet connection. I have INTEL 537 DATA FAX VOICE V.92 MODEM.
    What to do now?
    Is it necessary to find drivers for my modem?
    Thanks, neutral

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    if this is an internal (PCI) modem (also known as a Winmodem) then have a look at, then follow the link to - and then, well, I think you'll be able to get it done from there

    have fun


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    Internet connection

    You should be able to find drivers on the Intel site. Here is maybe some useful info if you have problems with the 537..........

    1. Make sure your ISP plays nice with linux. AOL requires a special them to make sure. I know some people swear it is not an ISP - linux compatibility issue, but it sure is a pain, and as soon as I switched ISP, I was able to connect.
    2. Best hookup is DSL thru LAN connection (usually no drivers)
    3. Next best is external serial (NOT USB) hardware modem. drivers required, and they can be had for less than $5 at local thrift shop. If you want for USRobotics or Best Data ($20-$65)
    4. If you insist on internal PCI modem, be prepared to possibly spend anywhere from an hour to days or even weeks locating drivers and messing with init strings in the Kppp dialer, although this issue is getting better. Remember, PCI modems usually require drivers whether or not they are software OR hardware modems. The links in the previous post are a good starting point. The actual install is fairly fast..gathering the info and stuff you need is NOT fast.

    5. Google for the AMIGO AMI IA 56 with Intel 536ep chipset ($15). It comes with drivers on CD for the 2.4.x kernel. If using the 2.6.x kernel, you must dwnload drivers from intel site. both come with install instructions.
    6. FYI..... the $2 ext. serial modem connects consistently at 42000 to 44000 bps...the internal modem connects inconsistently at 28000bps.
    the external modem is way easier to setup. I have done both on MDK 10.0, FC2, and Slackware 9.2.

    good luck

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