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    KPPP / Dial up /network authentication issues

    I am a M$ Sysadmin seriously trying to migrate to linux exclusively<sp?>. Anyway, I am trying to setup dial up in KDE using kppp. No Problem evertyhing sets up fine, took a little bit O' reading and found out that I had to activate my modem???is that a SE linux enhancement??? Real question here, I dial up and the modem goes through the regular process but when it comes to the "Loging on to network" that stays there. It times out and redials. Constant loop. What do I do. I dont mind reading the manual but I just cant find this one


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    what process does your ISP use? Is it script based, or is it CHAP / PAP based?

    Have a look in the configure bit of kppp and see if changing to / from this sort of authentification helps.

    As to activating your mode. If you mean that you have to cause the modem to dial out, whereas Windows can be setup to cause this to happen when TCP/IP connection is needed, then no, it has nothoing to do with SELinux. It's always been like that.


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