Hello all,

A long time ago, I met a problem when I cross connected my development board to PC. I posted it here http://www.linuxforums.org/forum/top...ighlight=cross It was a little confusing and you may not like to read it. Moreover, now, I get more related information. So I will summarize my old problem and new problem here at once so that I hope the problem can be described clearly.

First, all systems mentioned here are running Linux. PC Redhat 9. Board 1 linux-2.4-arm. Board 2 linux-2.6-arm. But I believe linux version doesn't concern here. Board 1 and board 2 is completely different hardware but using same root filesystem (so same network utilities and network startup scripts).

Before, when I worked with board1, telnet from pc to board when 2 connect to LAN hub is ok. But if the board and the pc is cross connect, telnet didn't work.

Now, I am working with new board- board2. I observe some things which give me more feeling about the difference between LAN connection and cross connection (just feeling, not knowing I recall all my network knowledge but it doesn't help). When I am running a boot loader (it is u-boot) and use LAN connection, ping is ok but tftp doesn't work (receive timeout is reported), but when cross connect, both ping and tftp run well without any error. When I am running Linux, mount nfs from board to exported folder in PC is ok when connect to LAN but fail if cross connect (nfs not responding error msg). I am so confusing. I believe my network basic knowledge is so problem

I no longer have board1 now, so I can't check if problem in board 2 occur with board1 or not. I just remember that in board 1, nfs service work fine when connection is LAN. Board 1 didn't use u-boot or tftp so there was no test for it.

Please help me. I am not sure I provided enough information here or not. Please ask me.

Thank you!!!