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    windows is now invisible...

    I am trying to set up samba on my home network. I have 2 windows desktops (wireless cards), one windows desktop (wire to router), one windows wireless laptop (centrino), and a linux box (ubuntu, wired to router). All of this is connected to a wireless adsl router thingy.

    diagram (... = wireless, --- = wired)
    win box ..... ROUTER
    win box ......| | | |
    laptop -----------| | |
    win box ------------| |
    linux box -------------|

    I tried to set up samba but its not working. The windows boxes can all see and access each other and can see the linux box but not access it. The linux box cant see anything.

    Its only a home network and there is nothing that has to be secure so if there is a way that is easier and doesn't need me to fiddle with usernames then thats fine.

    workgroup name is MILLS
    router assigns ips usign DHCP and has an ip addr of
    the router and the wireless cards are d-link (DSL-G604T and DWL-G520+ respectively)

    How can I get it all working so I can share files and printers?

    Thanks in advance

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    Do you have a firewall on ubuntu blocking samba's ports? I think it's ports 137-139 ( don't hold me to those numbers)

    What does it say when you try to connect to the linux machine from windows?
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    yes, firestarter was causing problems and now i am kicking myself - i uninstalled firestarter (couldn't work out how to allow an ip range easily - any suggestions for a nice GUI based firewall that is intuitive and easy to use?)

    I still cant seem to print from the windows machines but they can see the printer. I have included my smb.conf below:

    	workgroup = MILLS
    	encrypt passwords = yes
    	security = share
    	printcap name = cups
    	disable spools= Yes
    	show add printer wizard = No
    	printing = cups
    	wins support = no
    	comment = Harry's Share
    	path = /home/harry/LocalShare
    	read only = yes
    	guest ok = yes
    	guest only = yes
    	available = yes
    	browseable = yes
    	public = yes
    	writable = no
    	comment = All Printers
    	path = /var/spool/samba
    	guest ok = Yes
    	printable = Yes
    	use client driver = Yes
    	browseable = Yes
    	guest only = yes

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    No point in having any other firewall in addition the Router firewall.

    Have you set up Samba passwords? Probably not and thats why you can not access Liunx content. Once you can get access you will of course have to make sure Sharing is set up.

    Can you ping your Win boxes from Linux?

    From Linux browser can you access Win with smb://<ip of win box(es)>?
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    Have you checked here first?

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    I would say to change this

    * security = user
    (and make sure to use smbpasswd to make usernames and passes for the users that will connect - use the same usernames and passwords as on the windows machines; syntax is "smbpasswd -a username)

    * take out show add printer wizard. The default is yes.
    * take out the 'guest only = yes' in your share. Once you setup usernames with smbpasswd and set security level to user you'll be good to go. Setting up user level security is easy.

    I think print command default should be ok.

    Use client driver is default to no, maybe try making it no just in case.

    I'll come back and look over this more when I get back tonight.
    You dont need a pocket protector or thick glasses to be a geek.

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    its ok thank, i got it - it now all seems to work just ironing out some last problems with printing but im pretty sure its to do with the cups daemon starting at the wrong time compared to the smbd

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