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    netgear wg111, ma521 problems- MAN I NEED HELP!!

    This has been preventing me from successfuly using internet on my Toshiba Sattelite 1115-S103 laptop for about 2 months. I have HAD IT with my problems and this is my last ditch effert before ditching linux ALL TOGEATHER. It is not that I am not unfamiliar with linux, i am, and i know may commands and can use the terminal.
    I have the wireless card Netgear MA521 PCMCIA card on my laptop using any distro I could find (currently using Ubuntu and SuSE 9.3). It is a RTL8180 chipset, which is unsupported by linux. I have tried Ndiswrapper for minor progress, although the driver given by Netgear (the XP one) makes my system unstable, there is no working linux driver available expet some one that someone made in their spare time. (verson 0.2, it cant even save teh modules to the computer). My current state is that i can get the wireless card to work, the computer sees it, I can connect to the router i fi turn the encryption off, but I cannot use DHCP. I can access the network files, even with samba, but cannot use the internet. Furthermore, I cant get the wireless card to work with 64 bit encryption. I recently bought the netgear WG111 usb2.0 card for mey desktop i am currently on, but i have gotten no progress once so ever with it. for the sake of losing a linux follower to the ease of windows, please help!

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    Maybe you should check if a device works/ is supported before buying it. If netgear product X gives a lot of troubles setting up and it is completely unsupported why buying another Netgear device ? If Netgear does not want to support their hardware running Linux so be it. No Netgeat equipment in my house. Blame Netgear, not Linux.
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    I would, but even if I did, KDE refuses to let me gain administrative privliges in their Wi-Fi manager, both in Ubuntu and SuSE. This does not belong here, but maybe if anyone else has had the same problem... Anyway, I guess if I could geruntee that the card would work out of the box 100% on all my settings I would buy it, but I have no clue where I would look for compatability, and I have my doubts that it would actually work as told. This was the case for th netgear MA521, they told me to use the chipset driver, the rtl8180, and it compleatly did not work. I looked it up and it did not work for many people either.

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