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    2 dhcp servers (wireless issues)

    i'll trying to get my laptop connected to the internet via wireless connection so I bought a d-link router.

    heres the problem the dsl modem all ready provides a dhcp server and now the router wants to be the server. I've messed around with it and got it to network other computers and have to laptop connect to them (and have the computers connect to the internet) but the laptop is internetless.

    i'm kinda new to networks so i don't know what details you need to help but heres some. the router (d-link 524) has 4 ports for lan and a wan port. and then only way to get the setup i described is to turn off dhcp on the router and plug them modem into the lan port (leaving the wan empty). I could just buy a plugin for my modem so it does wireless but its another $100 that i don't have.

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    Try to connect modem to wan interface, then setup d-link to receive its own IP adress via DHCP (the one provided by modem). Then coinnect your laptop to d-link (to some "LAN" interface), ithe laptop should receive config from d-link's DHCP and it should be okay.

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    pluging the modem to wan the laptop to lan doesn't let it see the internet. it does however work if i put both in the lan, but nothing wireless can see the internet either way.

    maybe this will help:
    the modem takes a ip from the internet and on the lan becomes the router also wishes to be this ip for it's lan and thinks that the wan ip from the internet is the one it gets from the modem.

    so how do i tell the router to shut up and let the modem do its job?

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    alright then i have a question. do your dsl modems have a built in dhcp server? do the work with out a router? do they have multiple lan ports like mine?

    if so does anyone have a clue as to how I could get my modem to behave in a manner this router likes?

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    sorry to bump an old thread but I have been reading up on wiki and it appears that what I what is something like a wireless switch or access point instead of a router.

    does anyone know how/ has already done this? anybody got a useful link for more info?

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