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    How to set an IP Address for my System.

    Hi all

    I am having a strange problem. I am having an NIC in my system and my friends also. We are trying to connect to each others system. So we did. I assigned an IP address to both the systems, and the ping command is working well.

    But i am writing some networking program in Qt and that program is showing me the address as

    Do i have to change the Ip address of my system any where else. I changed it in the Network Configurtation Window.

    I am using RH9.0

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    the ip address of your system is also, this is correct. depending on how you are resolving your IP, if your machine has a dns name other than "localhost" setup, then you could query a DNS server for the IP address.

    However, the easiest thing to do would be to:
    1) Ask user for the IP address
    2) Store IP address in a config file which is read by the program at runtime.


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    You will always have two ip addresses.

    1. System assigned as the local loopback address of which is only good for local use on that machine only. All modern computers OS's use this.

    2. User or DHCP assigned ip for connecting to other machines. This is normally the ip you'll want to give out if you don't have a FQDN.

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