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    VNC connection issue - odd network setup

    There are currently three computers on our home network -- a Windows box hardwired to the router, an iBook getting its connection wirelessly upstairs, and the Linux box, which is connected to the iBook and is getting its connection via the Mac's internet sharing. I can VNC into the Linux box from the iBook just fine, and I can VNC into the iBook from both machines, just using different IPs. I have to use from the Linux box and from the Windows box, because of the two different network locations. However, I'd like to be able to VNC into the Linux box directly from the Windows box. But since it seems to be hiding behind the Mac, I've not had much success. I've tried both the IP the machine actually has on the iBook's mini "network" ( and the broadcast IP ( that I got out of running ifconfig. Neither one works, though.

    Anybody have any ideas for making the Linux box visible and VNCable from the Windows machine? This is kind of a "nested" network setup I guess, but I'd like to be able to figure out how to make them all get along so I can share printers and such.

    I don't have a wireless card in the Linux box and don't plan to get one since that would cost more than the whole machine is worth (it's a Pentium 166), and I can't hardwire it into the router because they're so far away from each other and I've been forbidden from running a 50 foot cable all the way upstairs. :P

    Thanks in advance for any ideas

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    I've done a bit more investigating and experimenting, and I've discovered that I can go one way (from the Linux box to the Windows box) but not the other way. I can ping the Windows box fine from Linux, and as of today I even have the Windows box's printer shared out to both my Mac as well as the Linux box. So this is some kind of routing issue...but I have no idea how to work around it, unfortunately.

    Linux version is SuSE Pro 9.2, as per my profile, and OS X version is 10.3.9. Windows is XP Home.

    There's got to be some way to get around it, I'm sure...just have to find it. Anybody have any ideas or similar experiences?


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    A possible way to eliminate some problems is to make sure they are all on the same network range. It may not make any difference but it is worth a try. Such a set-up might work better. for the Windows box, and for the two iBook addresses and the Linux box as, all with their subnet as
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