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    How to ipconfg /renew on linux?

    The actual distro is debian but I don't think that matters. I just need to figure out hwo to do a release and renew on linux.

    I know some people say it's "ifconfig eth0 up" and "ifconfig eth0 down" but all that does is bring the interface up and down. It Does not make it release and renew the IP from the DHCP server. So far every time I've wanted to do that I've had to reset the computer and it's getting annoying. I'm sure linux must have a release renew command somewheres that I can use but I simply can't find it. Please help me.

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    dhclient eth*
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    As root try the following
    ifdown eth0
    Then do
    ifup eht0
    This will take your connection down then bring it back up. However if what you are trying to do is obtain a new IP the above won't work because the router that is suppling your address has tied the IP to your mac address for a certain amount of time called a "lease" and the router will issue you the same IP unless your lease has expired and another machine on the network has taken it.
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