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    1 ISP, 2 Static, 1 Router

    I have a ISP of course.
    I have two external static ip's
    I have one router the wrt54g

    I have more PC's but two I need w/Static IP's
    The rest I will let the router give.

    I have been every where but here. I can't find what I need. Is there a way to put two static ip's on a router?
    If I need to buy a new router then so-be-it!
    If I do can some one point me to a good router and if possable w/wireless.

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    Computer (1) Computer (2) (Wireless)
    address (Static) address (Static)
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    If you mean you need two machines with static IPs on your internal network, that doesn't really have anything to do with the would configure that on the client side. Just set them to not receive IP information via DHCP and then enter the IP addresses, proper subnet, gateway (router's internal IP address), etc.
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    Well that does not work.
    I have two external IP's given by my ISP.
    I go to set up the two computers w/the IP address, gateway, subnet and all that. I can't get to the internet. Now on the router I have one spot to enter a Static IP. I enter that along w/all the other info and it can access the internet. The other PC can't however. I have no other spot to enter another static IP.
    Does this provide you w/the info you need?

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    Do I need two modems?

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    So do you want the two pcs with static IPs to be accessible by the world? Or do you want them to be accessible by your private network?

    For the latter - Assign the static, routable IP from your ISP to the router. Then assign static, private IPs to the two machines. Then set the rest up to get IPs via DHCP.

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