Hi folks,

I am trying to accomplish the following... I have a hub to which I have a Tivo, Dell laptop running RH9 and xBox connected. I normally have a WGA11 wireless gaming adapter (actually a cheap bridge) and it runs fine. However, I found a cheap way to bring up wireless on the laptop using an Ambicom CF 802.11b card and a CF->PCMCIA adapter (where Linksys wouldn't run, this one worked the very first time I tried it). Now I would like to use the bridge somewhere else, and would like to set up a software bridge using the Dell and its wireless and wired ports. The problem is, no matter how I configure it, the wireless card connects the bridge never gets to the web. It's a simple DSL setup with a router/dhcp box, on 172.16.1.xxx. If I disable the bridge everything's fine, if I enable it nothing works. ???