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    mount : RPC : program not registered (error on Mandrake9.0)

    New problem,
    (...this is what happens when we agree to teach a "new" distro, so my own fault..!)
    Normally use RedHat7.2 to give class for Linux+ and higher...
    No probs.
    Now agreed to try out Mandrake9.0, which, with an EVERYTHING install has some of the older useful rpm's missing. Actually sometimes I wonder at the sense in this, because RH8 also changes too many things,
    e.g. 's
    - "linuxconf" made into a total GUI (pain) on Mandrake9
    - "ifconfig" taken out of the "workstation" after install on RedHat8

    current scenario: NFS problem
    RH72 already mounted (seeing) an nfs vol/share on mandrake9 box. Working quite happily one way, but not the other way around....!??? Hmmmm. Mandrake gives the error above.

    - nfs service restarted on both
    - /etc/exports edited on both
    - /etc/fstab edited on both
    - netstat shows correct ports listenning on both
    - redhat works, mandrake not

    OK yes, before someone suggests I read something on the web,...I usually try all of these things before writing in. Have also been to Mandrake's site, still awaiting an answer.

    Muchas Gracias in advance, Marc.

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    The only time I have got this error was when my NFS service was not started - but as you say, you have started it!

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