hello and thanks for reading this,
i have a snapgear router using snapgear.org distro.
it is a linux router based on uclinux.
i am trying to find a 'free' way to keeps various groups of users isolated from one another but allow each group to get out to the internet.
i know i could get a expensive switch with vlan capabilities but that will expsensive.
so i read about ip alias using ifconfig.
my question is if i setup an alias, how:
1. can i use the dhcp server to assign each user an ipaddress on a particular alias using the user's mac address even though each group of users is on a different subnet.
2. how can i get each group of users to get out to the internet which would be the default gateway of the router which is a dynamic ipaddress. would i have to setup explicit routes or could i use some kind of rip or what?
3. if i did want a user on one subnet/ip alias to be able to 'reach' a server on another alias/subnet, how might i do it.
4. if i can set this up, for my office, i will have been able to convince my boss of the value of linux and that fact that a little router can do something that we would otherwise have to setup a windows computer to do. i have been reading much about linux and i think this would be a great first project for me and my office as i could learn how to do it on my own time on a weekend and save my boss some money.
i really want to switch from windows servers to linux servers and ....

thanks in advance,
dave a.ka. yoyomeltz