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    router: inconsistent pings

    I have a Road Runner cable internet connection. I built myself a little router out of a pII 450mhz running trustix 2.2, one of my favorite distros. It worked fine for about a month. Now, the pings are highly inconsistent. I mean like 24ms, 265ms, 33ms, 221ms -- in that order. Pretty much every other ping is super high. When I restart the network (service network restart), the pings are good for about another minute. WTFudge. When I plug the modem straight into one of my windows xp PCs, the pings are between 19 and 37. This is good. By the way, these pings are all off of google, yahoo, other major sites. So, something is screwed with my router. This has happened to me before. I always just get so frustrated that I end up installing a different distro. That does the same thing though. Works great for a short while, then sucks. I'm using Shoreline Firewall to configure this as a router. It's an excellent set of scripts. I've been through many NICs, cables, even PCs, too. It doesn't seem to be hardware problem. Any help PLEASE.

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    Have you tried 3.0 yet mate?

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