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    Mapping multiple samba shares using different usernames/ids

    I am not able to map multiple samba shares using different user name/id. If I mapping a new samba share (network drive)as a different user in on Windows XP, Error poppup window:
    " The network forlder specified is currently mapped using a different user name and password, first disconnect any existing mapping to this network share"

    The reason I want to have multiple connections at the same time using different users is: in one program I want to map a network drive for users to share documents; in another program I want to map a different share/drive with different name/id to run financial program. Is this the problem of samba or MS OS? Is there any way to get/fix problem?

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    This is an issue with the client, not the server. Windows sucks in this respect. I've gone through the same problem before, too. Typically I rebooted or logged out to solve this, but that's not a possibility in your case.

    If you want to map the network drive, just go to Tools->Map Network Drive. There you can select to use a different username, so that should solve your problems.
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    I manually tried to map network drive using tool -> map network drive -> select drive, username and password but not work if I use different username.

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    Mapping Samba Shares from Windows

    Tina - This is always a pain. To solve your problem: Start - Run then type cmd to open a command prompt. cd to c:\ Then enter the following command.
    NET USE z: \\server name\share name <password> /user:server name\<userid> /persistent:no

    for example:
    NET USE z:\\mylinuxserver\data passw0rd /user:mylinuxserver\tina /persistent:no

    If you want you can copy and paste this command into a text editor so you can better tell where the spaces are. Just replace mylinuxserver with your server name(or IP address), replace data with your share name, replace passw0rd with your samba password(this could be different than your linux password) and replace tina with your user name. If you save this as a .bat file you can just double click it to map the drive. Obviously you don't have to use z: as the drive letter either.

    That should fix it for you. If you have ever found that you can map the drive through Windows explorer and it intermitently drops out on you this should fix that problem also.

    The reason this works is that is maps the drive without trying to use any of the windows logon information. Just straight-up the userid and password you have supplied in the NET USE command.

    Hope this helps!!!

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