Hi all,
I'm new to Linux. I am running the Fedora version and I'm trying to set up vsftp, but having problems. My network setup consists of broadband cable, with my linux box behind a router firewall. After setting up vsftp, I can access the ftp server from other computers on my intranet by typing ftp://linuxcomputername in any browser. However, when I try to access the ftp server from outside by typing ftp://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx (where that is the IP address assigned to the router by the cable company), I get "425 Security: Bad IP connecting" in my browser. I am forwarding ports 20 and 21 from my router to my Linux box.
I have looked on-line at various posts for this problem, read the vsftp man page, however I cannot find a clear answer as to what the problem is. Some people say turn pasv_promiscous on etc. but nothing has worked so far. If someone has experience with this, I would love to see a good vsftpd.conf file.
Thanks all.