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    Internet Connection Sharing problem

    hello guys,

    pls I just made a strange observation with regards to my post:""

    with the two network cards in place, I have no internet connectivity....cant even ping my modem's IP, neither does the PC route. Twould return a "destination cannot be reached error".

    I then decided to remove the external network card I just put in the available slot. Rebooting my PC(with the onboard card), everything worked quite well. I was able to connect to the internet without changing anything......IP/configs.......

    I actually dont know what the problem is. I believe the xternal network card is working coz, I used it to set up my ICS on my winXP Hard disk and everything works fine on windows, as in the other PCs I have can get the 192.168.......addresses(using windows ICS)

    pls what do u think is the problem with my Linux machine......the reason why the insertion of an xtra network card causes the onboard(which works fine alone) to totally loose internet connectivity.


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    in addition to my post:

    YES, the xternal network card is detected (detects it as a VIA Technologies VT86C100A(Rhine)when inserted.

    i issued the command:
    ps -ax|grep dhcpd

    and I get this result:
    3722 pts/0 S 0:00 grep dhcpd

    does this mean the dhcp is functioning or not functioning..


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    I don't know anything about dhcp, but I'm pretty sure that if you have 2 or more nics in one box, they need to be configured to different networks. Maybe after booting, you should run ifconfig on the new nic to set a static (non-dhcp) IP address and then run route to set up a static route from that nic to the other network.
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