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    DHCP server - needs help


    pls im trying to setup my computer as a DHCP server. I had been referred to which I have been following, however I still have problems:

    Q1) i did an

    'rpm -q dhcpd'
    and i get the result
    "package dhcpd is not installed"

    I now did an
    'rpm -q dhcp'
    and I can see the rpm file


    so I guess dhcp is installed? am I right?
    as in with this, can my PCRH9 to function as a DHCP router?

    Q2)i have two NICs, one on-board and the other, an external. eth0 is configured with static IPs to connect to my modem. Internet connection is functioning well with just the eth0(which is the external PCI card), and Im connecting to the web, but i want the PC(RH9) to act as a DHCP server, so that I can connect to the internet with from my WinXP PC through this linux machine.

    following tutorials I got from: ""
    chapter 3 and 8.

    I installed "dhcp-3.0.1rc14-1.i386.rpm." and copied the dhcpd.sample file to the /etc directory as instructed.

    When i try to get to "service dhcpd start", i get a msg.......
    no subnet declaration for eth0(my ipaddress)

    pls can u help me with a very simple dhcp.conf file(contents) telling me where to place the IP from my isp(in the sample conf file provided)


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    I believe that the dhcp rpm only provides a dhcp client, for the server you need to install dhcpd. But you can confirm or deny thing by reading the package discription associated with dhcp.
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    thanks qub333,

    that was a great help.

    Ill google around and get some help. but pls if you know a specific link for RH9 installation, kindly help me with it.



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