hello all,

Pls, still on my DHCP server issue, the following is a sample dhcpd.conf file I found on the linuxhomenetworking site.

ddns-update-style interim

ignore client-updates

subnet netmask {

# The range of IP addresses the server

# will issue to DHCP enabled PC clients

# booting up on the network


# Set the amount of time in seconds that

# a client may keep the IP address

default-lease-time 86400;
max-lease-time 86400;

# Set the default gateway to be used by

# the PC clients

option routers;

# Don't forward DHCP requests from this

# NIC interface to any other NIC

# interfaces

option ip-forwarding off;

# Set the broadcast address and subnet mask

# to be used by the DHCP clients

option broadcast-address;
option subnet-mask;

# Set the DNS server to be used by the

# DHCP clients

option domain-name-servers;

# Set the NTP server to be used by the

# DHCP clients

option nntp-server;

# If you specify a WINS server for your Windows clients,

# you need to include the following option in the dhcpd.conf file:

option netbios-name-servers;

# You can also assign specific IP addresses based on the clients'

# ethernet MAC address as follows (Host's name is "laser-printer":

host laser-printer {

hardware ethernet 08:00:2b:4c:59:23;




# List an unused interface here

subnet netmask {
which part of the above refers to a static IP I entered for my eth0 for the IP from my ISP...... I would just like to substitute it if it may work.

When I do "service dhcpd start" i get a series of texts(scrolled up) .....and then a "failed - exiting" prompt in red color by the lower right side.
Reading the msg coming before, im been told that my eth0 is not configured to listen to any devices. Pls how do I do this "configure eth0 to listen to devices".