Morning Folks,

I will get down to the meat... I have a Mandrake box 10.1 configured as an Advanced router with 3 nic's

What I want to do is utilize the router as a gateway on my network to split our outside (Internet connectivity) over two routes.

Route A would be our VPN box Nortel Contivity Switch (WAN) connected to a BiDSL account.

Route B would be a standard BiDSL account.

Both of these accounts have static IP's and we currently connect directly to our Notel Contivity VPN box for total Firewall\VPN\Internet gateway access.

Now I have setup the Linux box to split and load balance between the two BiDSL...
However, what I am looking for is more a source routing policy to split traffic for the internal VPN over our Contivity and any source traffic to the Internet over the standard BiDSL account.

VPN link (eth1) 10.x.x.x ------- Nortel Gateway10.x.x.x
Linux Gateway (eth0) 10.x.x.x ----
BiDSL (eth2) 207.x.x.x ------BiDSL Gateway 207.x.x.x

So, what I need help with is the iptables routing and standard routing table setup. I need the internal network 10.x.x.x to continue to communicate over the Nortel Gateway for all VPN traffic. Then I need all LAN (10.x.x.x) computers connections to anything-non VPN to connect to the BiDSL side for general Internet usage.

The setup will maximize my VPN connection and allow for the general Internet traffic to pass via a second BiDSL connection.

So the BiDSL side would utalize NAT and Masq, but the VPN side would require neither nat nor masq only fwrding.

Hope this makes sense to someone.... I appreciate your time and help.

Panorama British Columbia