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    VNC (os x accessing Linux)

    Bare with me on this one, I'm a Linux newb. I am trying to get realvnc server to work on my pc (dual boot running XP and fedora 4). I am accessing via Mac PowerPC G4 (running os x) with the program "Chicken of the VNC". I have gotten this program to access remote desktop of the dual boot pc when it is running in XP. Fedora on the other hand, I have had no luck. I can access the Mac remotely from linux but not vice versa. When I try to access, the message "connection refused: connect()" is displayed. I have tried the port set as 5901 (ip:1) and some other ones as well, yet i've had no success. What am I missing here? Thanks in advance [/code]

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    Have you tried using another VNC-server on Fedora, for example: x11vnc -

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    Well, I talked to a friend, and he gave me a .dmg of the program Vncviewer. It appears the program I was using (chicken of VNC) simply was not fast enough. Now I face the problem of getting my GUI to appear when I access my linux system remotely. I will try to find the solution by creating another post to more directly assess my current issue of configuring VNC to show my GUI. Thanks for the help


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