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    Multiple Servers, One IP

    I have a win2003 and a Redhat linux ES box, but ony one WAN IP address. This is not a multiple host issue, I drudged through that months ago. What I need to do is somehow have the windows box ( :80 ) forward dns requests to the Linux box ( :81 ) for certain domain names. Anyone got any ideas?

    It would be nice also if the :81 didn't show up in the address bar.

    Belive me, I would much rather just have another WAN IP, but in this case, it is just not possible.


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    Oh, damn, i know how to do this in XP, but i'm not sure it'll work with win2003.

    Basically, were're going to turn your win box into a dhcp server and route the ip packets from your modem to your LAN.

    *this is how to do it in XP, hope you've got a copy around*
    Control Panel -> Internet Options -> Connections -> click Setup ->
    *wizard pops up*
    click Next -> select "Set up a home or small office network", click Next -> Finish
    *another wizard. oh, great*
    click Next -> click Next - select "This computer connects directly to the Internet..." click Next -> select your modem, click Next -> give your computer a name, click next, choose a workgroup name, click next, and click next again.

    Now you need to configure your linux box to accept dhcp addr and default gateway handed out by the windows box. (maybe dhcpd does this?)

    If you don't have winXP, see if a friend does, at the end of the wizards, they have an option to make setup discs for other versions of windows.

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    Whoops, posted twice, and as much as I know you just love to read my drudging writing, i took out the duplicate text.

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    I am trying to get XP on a separate box now, do I have to configure it in the network in any certain structure, or just plug it in?

    Also, I had found another solution, but am not happy with it, you can see it here:

    You also mention pointing the linux box to the dhcp xp machine, would that have to be done for the 2003 box too?

    And in the instructions it says choose your modem. I am hoping my network connection will also be an option there?


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