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    Faster transmission methods than ftp?

    I'm looking for a method to send small packets (<2KB) over a low-bandwidth connection (~40kbps) at high frequency. I've attempted to do this using passive ftp, however after initiating a "put" command there is always a 1 to 2 second delay before the actual transfer occurs. I assume this has something to do with how ftp handles packets. Thus I'm wondering if there are any alternative transfer protocols than can essentially stream small packets without that 1 to 2 second ramp up time that is associated with ftp. Any ideas?

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    It's my worst suggestion yet, but here it goes...
    Perhaps you could completely dump the TCP/IP suite and just exchange IP packets (raw ones, no UDP or TCP, so no port numbers, just IP addr). Doing this is completely out of my league, though.

    BTW, you have heard of tftp, right? Never tried it myself but...

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    Yes I have heard of tftp, I have it on my system, just haven't tried it yet as I would expect it to take longer. It think tftp has to go through the whole log in sequece every time a transfer is requested. There is no sequence of commands in tftp to my best understanding, everything is executed on one line (I think).


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