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Thread: Dial up issues

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    Dial up issues

    OK, I have been using linux for a while now and have never had an issue like this. I have a Best Data modem( external: model:56sps-2/ 56sx-2 with the default RH FC4 setup /KPPP detects modem and the dial up script set to dial my local ISP. The password and usernames have both been verified and use the pap/chap, PAP, CHAP protocols separately. The modem dials and connects to the remote modem and verifies the username and password and begins to log onto the network. It is at this point that the modem seems to die silently or just stop responding. The logon times out and the process starts all over again. What is wrong? OR ---Is it necessarry for the modem to "logon" to the network and if not how do I stop this?


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    I know there is nothing wrong with your hardware, Best Data external serial modems work great with Linux. Occaisionally I've had connection problems with kppp, for whatever reason, I don't know. Anyway, wvdial seems to work better for me all the way around and is prety easy to configure. Maybe try it and see if you have the same problems. It might help narrow it down a bit if nothing else...
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