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    mounting nfs permission denied (iknow this a is a common issue but...)

    Hi im somewhat of a newbie, but I have done my fair share of searching to fix my prolblem. I have also gone through a bunch of how to's and followed all the directions.

    I am running Fedora Core 2 on the client and server.

    when mounting a directory from the server I get:
    [root@khuon-linux root]#  mount -t nfs /mnt/div3vo l2
    mount: failed, reason given by server: Permission denied
    I have nfs started on both,
    rpcinfo -p listed nfs, mountd on both,
    showmount -e recognises cliet ip
    /etc/export is tweaked...
    portmapper has been started
    hosts.allow has client ip,

    I don't know what else I could be missing??????
    I am a newbie so the problem could be very simple or even complex (hopfully not the latter).

    Thank you

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    The only thing thing that is giving me any direction is the exportfs -rv comand

    exportfs: /etc/exports [3]: No 'sync' or 'async' option specified for export "".
      Assuming default behaviour ('sync').
      NOTE: this default has changed from previous versions
    exporting to kernel Invalid argument
    [root@div3 root]#
    It looks as though it exports a t first with the two entries but,then states an invalid argument ..

    I don't understand

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    ok ;
    well im still having trouble, but I have managed to mount the home directory of the server. The permissions for the home directory are the same as my target directory, Although, the user owner's are different, the home has root owner, and my target has nobody...

    Could this be my problem?????????

    Help please

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