Hi All,

I have tried a search, but don't seem to find the exact problem that I am having. (Well think I am having anyway!)

I have just installed a new D-Link DGS-1224T 10/100/1000 Network switch on to our network in the office.

I am getting really slow transfer speeds between one of my new RH9 servers and one of my Windows XP boxes.

Both machines are using the new switch (I am also using a second 10/100 switch, which is connected by a crossover cable to the new switch - using port number 24 on both switches)

I am not sure the exact speeds I am getting (can anyone tell me how I can check?) but it is taking longer to transfer data from my Windows XP machine to the new RH9 server (1000BaseT) than it is taking to copy the same data from my windows XP machine to an old RH9 server (100BaseT)

The old server (100BaseT) - took six minutes to copy 3GB of data
The new server (1000BaseT) - Gave up after 20 minutes (only done about 100MB)

I have checked the switch and it says that the new server is running at 1000Mbps but the lights on the NIC (Marvell 8001 Chip on Gigabyte MB) are orange?? Not sure if they shoould be green??

Any help or advice would be great.

I think that makes sense, but I have more information if you need it.