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    i wanted to make a mail server on my linux, but i do not really know where to start from. could i please have some advices... or links to how to's ???

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    Off hand I dont have a how to link, though I have found many via google. Perhaps you should join the mandriva club and get help that way.

    I have done this several times without too much trouble though. I choose to use sendmail because I find it a bit easier than postfix, which comes with Mandrake, although everyone says postfix is easier. Just use your CD's to install send mail. I also use webmin to help me manage sendmail and spamassassin. I find it easier to do it that way. I would start by installing these and playing around with sendmail to get a feel for what type of questions you should be asking. Make a list after you have spent some time getting to know sendmail, and then go online and do some searches. There is SO much info on sendmail out there you should have no issues finding helpful information.

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    well, i don't really have a domain so... i don't know where to start from. in webmin, in send mail config it's all about domains.. pls help

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    OK, well tell me a little more about what you are trying to do and what your set up is like.
    Where are you hosting the mail server?

    From home? On a cable or dsl service? Do you have a domain registered any where? do you have a firewall with DMZ?

    who is going to use the mail server and how?

    As far as a domain name, you may be able to use a dynamic DNS service like

    which I do. you could have something like go check that out. Fill me in on the above and I should be able to help.

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    well... i have a fiber conexion through a lan server. i have limited ports. i want just to have a mail server on my own linux. 3 persons to read the mail, like three mail adresses or something like... this is pretty much it. how do i set it up and how do i connect a mail client to the server?

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