ok I have a funny situation. let me explain in detail first..

server running Redhat Enterprise ES AS
server has Dual 10/100 network cards.
my network has 2 routers, one on corporate DSL and one on Cable
router 1:
router 2:

what I want to do is allow this server to accept port 80 (http) connections from either router...

apache is set to listen on each ip

eth0 has ip with gateway
eth1 has ip with gateway
router 1 forwards port 80 to
router 2 forwards port 80 to

Eth1 is disabled....

all works fine, if you go to my static ip for router2 all works you get my website fine and dandy....
if I enable Eth1...
all works fine if you go to the static ip for router 1 BUT suddenly if you try to go to the IP for router 2 it don't work (but it was working before turning on eth1)

from a internal computer on the local network both ip's work.....

what am I doing wrong?

any help will be greatly apreciated.

have a great day