I'm running into an issue with my NIC config. I'm getting a SIOCSIFFLAG error.

I'm running a dual boot system with WXP Pro SP2 and WhiteBox Entrp Linux 4 (basically Red Hat EL 4). It appears that my NIC won't bind and prevents traffic i.e. is in an inactive state. When I try to activate I get the SIOCSIFFLAG error. Running ifconfig eth0 irq addr 5 to try and change the IRQ reports:

eth0: unknown interface: no such device

If I try: ifup eth0

I get ...failed

Is there another way to get the IRQ changed ??

Reason, others who have had similar problems said that the IRQ's may conflict and changing the IRQ resolved the problem. http://www.linuxquestions.org/questi...2001/05/2/2403